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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dalit's Daughter or Daulat's Daughter?

A certain leader of the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh, the Dalit's daughter! Well, she doesn't seem to be the Dalit's daughter anymore. She seems to be the Daulat's daughter.
A symbolic leader, as people say, of the oppressed and backward classes, and what does she do? First, she puts up statues of herself across the city of Lucknow; and now, she wears garlands made of currency notes, that amount to a whopping Rs. 18 lakhs. If this is the backward daughter, who exactly is the fortunate one, may I ask?
In a nation, where millions go without food and water day in and day out. Where people struggle to meet their basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, we have a leader, who has always been in the forefront of the media frenzy for being the Dalit's fortunate child, who happily waves at the crowd as she has her men garlanding her with currency notes-those very same currency notes that have the picture of the Mahatma, a world leader, the Father of the Nation, who always led a judicious life, asking his people to do the same. So much for ideals and virtues.
'HER PEOPLE' have said that this garland symbolizes the love the people of the state have for the leader. Well, in that case, why can't she show some love, refuse the garland, and ask them to donate all the money to a charity that works for the welfare of the people. Well, why would she?
All of this goes into the leader's 'SHAHI KHAZANA'. Why would she even bother about the people's welfare? The leader is busy building up a city that ensembles one of the Mughal cities, I guess.
Well, people's leader, do all of us a favour, and grow a brain. It'll help, in the long run, not only for you, but for the people of Uttar Pradesh in the microcosm, and the people of India at the macro cosmic level.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parliamentary Procedures....

I've always wanted to rail against the perilous condition of our Honourable Parliament and its procedures.
Firstly, switch on the Lok Sabha TV or the Rajya Sabha TV in the morning, you don't see a group of people gathered together to discuss issues that affect the common man. The view is more of a collection of fickle-minded people who have no clue why they are even there, apart from getting their monthly salary of Rs. 16000, plus other charges.
542 members scream their lungs out together, while the poor Speaker or Vice President tries to maintain decorum; and when she/he is unable to, the Marshals are called in to control the atmosphere to which again, our ministers protest, in the most ridiculous manner possible.
Agreed, that a democracy requires able opposition, but opposing under no circumstances means screaming your voice out while someone else places his/her view on the subject, and behave in the most uncivilized and uncouth manner possible.
I have nothing against our members of Parliament. It is we who elect them, so we are technically at fault if we are unable to make the right decision, but keeping that in mind, do we really have a better choice?
All I have to say, and I stand by it, is that we have lost around 72 hours, probably even more, of precious Parliamentary time. We are a nation that needs to grow fast, and with a steady base. No nation has ever become successful by having a parliament that looks a lot more like a fish market and less like a Parliament. We need to make sure that our members at the least, try to behave in a civilized manner, if not turn into civilized human beings. Until then, we can all just hope, that a day will come when this common man will be benefited and his life will not dissolve into the inferno of uncouth politics.