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'Memorie Dolcie' is all about my cherished memories. It also contains reviews of movies I really liked and articles on various scenarios. Writing, for me, has been an important aspect of my life, so me without a blog, is like a fish out of water. So, this is what I give you. At times, my articles are extremely naive, but then, it's just me. A warm thank you is extended to Ms. Arundhati Chatterjee, my second cousin (yes, my Niece, brightsparks!) and help when it comes to reviewing my articles. Hope you like my blog. Any queries can be directly addressed to me at rrivubanerjee@yahoo.in Auf Weidersehen!
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Rrivu Banerjee

Monday, May 23, 2011


His right hand was dead,
Blood oozing out through his vein;
He felt numb 
And contented. 
His whole life flashed by 
In euphoria unparalleled.
The long walks down the dimly lit lane,
The fleeing when time had crossed its bounds.

The graffiti on his arms he cherished. The smile,
Breath-taking to say the least. He believed
She and he were meant to be.
Together and forever.

And then, he came back, 
To the world that now knew no pain.
By and by, he shut his eyes
Never to open again.

Yet, his heart still beat,
For the woman for whom he paved a bed
Of a colour richer than a Marshal Niel.
He remembered that day.

The fireworks shone brilliantly,
Welcoming a new year to oneself.
And this was a new year that'd be the worst 
For all the hopes he'd piled on, were shattered.
And he had not the courage to build them again.

Days post, they met again, her smile
Lit him up. An emotion
So strange it were
To cry and smile together.

A week that'd been the most magnificient of all, 
And yet on the day it was last, she broke him
Her heart was for someone else: the person 
She loved. And he stood there, yet again, dumbstruck.

Tears rolled down his eyes as 
A smile he braved for her
To be happy was all he'd hoped 
For her.

Since then his eyes and heart
Craved for once a sight of hers.
A futile wish, he knew, for
She didn't care at all for him.

And thus, his wrist bleeds
A red that's not just his blood
But an ocean of emotions and pain engulfed.
He shuts his eyes for ever.

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