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'Memorie Dolcie' is all about my cherished memories. It also contains reviews of movies I really liked and articles on various scenarios. Writing, for me, has been an important aspect of my life, so me without a blog, is like a fish out of water. So, this is what I give you. At times, my articles are extremely naive, but then, it's just me. A warm thank you is extended to Ms. Arundhati Chatterjee, my second cousin (yes, my Niece, brightsparks!) and help when it comes to reviewing my articles. Hope you like my blog. Any queries can be directly addressed to me at rrivubanerjee@yahoo.in Auf Weidersehen!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rendezvous with the Ice Maiden

Through the glass it looked beautiful,
The picturesque city drenched in the first rains.
The setting went well with his mood,
His mind flashed a thousand images.

Turning, he looked at her again.
On the cold floor she lay
Staring blankly at the ceiling.
 She was cold too. 

He knelt down beside her
Running his fingers up her arm 
Until he reached her neck. 
He stopped to glance at her necklace.
It was a present from him.

He remembered that fateful day.
Roses decked up her house
While she sat with him on the couch
And he knelt down and then looked at her.Then, he gave her that.

A sudden noise brought him back
And he smiled at her.
A smile not of a sinner, but of a lover
Honest and true.

 Then a look so menacing,
Rarely did a lover look so.
He clasped the pendant once again
And ripped it off.

An emotion of calmness then set upon his face,
As if it were a job swell done.
He got up and walked across the room
And heaved himself upon a chair.

There, he slept till morning.
Ere the big ball of fire rose again.
The rays struck his eyes to bring
Him back to the world again.

And then, he glanced at her once again.
A heavenly face so pristine,
He fell in love with her
Once again and over.

He then got up from his throne
And walked up to the ice maiden.
There, he dropped his gun
And turned to leave.

Just then, he stopped.
Turning, he went back again. 
Kneeling, he took out his knife
And struck it six times.

Finally he got up to go
And his phone rang. 
'Are you coming, honey?' said the voice.
'In a minute!' As he wiped his knife.

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